Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bento Lunches for Monday and Tuesday

I am behind on posting my Bento lunches, I am working on a new blog and will be unveiling it soon!
Evie and Ethan both LOVE Kirby from Nintendo. This was actually extremely easy to make, just make a ham sandwich, cut out with circle cookie cutter, cheese feet, ketchup cheeks, seaweed eyes and mouth, mayo for the whites of the eyes. Easy Peasey! Mad die and I made chocolate chip mini-muffins and that is what is holding his cheese feet up. The kids were delighted with this one!!

Monday was Ethan's first day of school! So I made him a special (time consuming) Bento lunch. I flavored the rice with curry to make it yellow, and cut stripes for the tiger out of seaweed. I used meatballs, cut them and half and then "filled" them with cheese cut with a flower cookie cutter. We had leftover spinach and some chicken breast so I mixed them together with some salt. Then I just surrounded the tiger with veggies. You can see the ice on some if the frozen veg still!

Evie wasn't too keen on the curry rice so I just made a tiny bunny with ketchup cheeks. I made the ham flowers and they were SO easy! I'll have a tutorial on my new site soon! She also didn't want cheese between her meatballs.

Can you tell I was getting tired Sunday night?! Maddie was stuck with a simple Bento. Grapes, chicken strips, and cheese cubes. There are also frosted cookies in the little container.

By the way.....I bought the little square containers in the dollar aisle at Target. The tops don't stay on very well but there were 6 in the pack so I just decorated the tops with puff paint. Cute!
The white bento boxes pictured in the first two pictures came from IKEA. They were like $3 for 3 boxes and the boxes are perfect for Bento. I think part of the fun of Bento is finding cheap things that work well for you.


Krysta said...

How cute! I love the kirby one - and I haven't thought of checking IKEA for possible bento ideas, GENIUS! I bet it wouldn't be too hard to convince my sister we need a girl's day at IKEA...
And, are you using regular rice for your rice balls? I've been putting off using my onigiri molds since I don't have any short-grain rice but if I can make decent ones with the regular rice I have then I may as well try.

Bethanie said...

I use sushi rice but i'm sure you could use long rice! They SHOULD have sushi/ short grain rice at your grocery store. maybe you and your sister can find a cool asian store when you go to IKEA! :)

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