Monday, June 28, 2010

Bento Box Lunch Idea #4

I may as well practice my Bento lunch box skills on Tad. Once the kids go back to school it'll be cans of Lima beans for him again! ;)
Squirrel shaped pimento sandwich (yak!), and no squirrel is complete without some nuts (cashews)! Blueberries with froggie gummies, boiled egg, Greek olives, and secret Indian curry chocolate bar! Delicioso! The squirrel was cut using a regular cookie cutter.

Bento Box Lunch Idea #3

Yummy! Octopus hot dog surrounded by hot dog flowers in a sea of mac & cheese. And they were SO easy to make! Sugared blueberries, cherry tomatoes, fish shaped with a bento egg mold, and some string cheese. Melanie will be so surprised when she finds this in her fridge! Who's the best sister ever?......ME!

Octopus Bento Recipe

* Cut about 2" off each hot dog end (I cut them at a diagonal so they would sit nicely). Then slice 4 to 5 legs. Boil them for 30 seconds and the legs will flare out! I added eyes to the bento hot dogs with nori and cheese. You can use the end of a straw to get little circles.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bento Lunch Box Idea #2

This one I made for Tad! I made WAY too many sushi rolls........
The dinosaur sprinkles on the blueberries make them manly.

Look how tiny the mini- bento container is in the palm of Tad's hand! Kawaii!

My First Bento

So I decided about a month ago that I was going to send my children to school with a Bento lunch box. Cute, edible representations of my love for them. The Bento box fever usually hits me about two weeks before school is in and inevitably I run out of time/energy/money and so I have never gotten around to making Bento boxes for the kids' lunches. This year (hooray!) the urge swept over me the first week of summer vacation. After multiple trips to eBay and some great links I found on Google, my Bento accessories, bento boxes, bento egg molds, and bento recipe books started pouring in from Japan and Hong Kong!
Although the kids aren't in school yet, my sister Melanie goes to work as a nurse everyday so she will be my guinea pig for the next two months! Lucky girl......

Bento Box Lunch Idea #1
Purple sushi rolls, mini panda of soy sauce, grape tomatoes from my garden, slices of Roast Beast, boiled egg (shaped like a fish!), cucumber (from my garden!), blueberries with star sprinkles for extra cuteness.