Thursday, August 19, 2010

BLOG has been RELOCATED!!!!!!!!

please visit MyFirstBento. All the same material plus my newer posts. See you guys there!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bento Lunches for Monday and Tuesday

I am behind on posting my Bento lunches, I am working on a new blog and will be unveiling it soon!
Evie and Ethan both LOVE Kirby from Nintendo. This was actually extremely easy to make, just make a ham sandwich, cut out with circle cookie cutter, cheese feet, ketchup cheeks, seaweed eyes and mouth, mayo for the whites of the eyes. Easy Peasey! Mad die and I made chocolate chip mini-muffins and that is what is holding his cheese feet up. The kids were delighted with this one!!

Monday was Ethan's first day of school! So I made him a special (time consuming) Bento lunch. I flavored the rice with curry to make it yellow, and cut stripes for the tiger out of seaweed. I used meatballs, cut them and half and then "filled" them with cheese cut with a flower cookie cutter. We had leftover spinach and some chicken breast so I mixed them together with some salt. Then I just surrounded the tiger with veggies. You can see the ice on some if the frozen veg still!

Evie wasn't too keen on the curry rice so I just made a tiny bunny with ketchup cheeks. I made the ham flowers and they were SO easy! I'll have a tutorial on my new site soon! She also didn't want cheese between her meatballs.

Can you tell I was getting tired Sunday night?! Maddie was stuck with a simple Bento. Grapes, chicken strips, and cheese cubes. There are also frosted cookies in the little container.

By the way.....I bought the little square containers in the dollar aisle at Target. The tops don't stay on very well but there were 6 in the pack so I just decorated the tops with puff paint. Cute!
The white bento boxes pictured in the first two pictures came from IKEA. They were like $3 for 3 boxes and the boxes are perfect for Bento. I think part of the fun of Bento is finding cheap things that work well for you.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bento Snack Idea- 2 year old class #5

I was so loving this Crab! Check out his cool sunglasses and big smile. Just chillin' on top of some grapes. Ah yeah.....

PB&J sandwich, red grapes, celery mouth and mango sunglasses. Cool.

Bento Lunch for Preschool #3

Whoooo has a cute lunch? Evie does! Celery with cream cheese, and a jelly owl sandwich. Goldfish and a cute gummy I found on sale at WalMart. And of course, the ever present grapes. Oh yeah, I made the eyes and nose out of dried mango strips! I hadn't even considered the use of dried fruit but now I have visions of Dried Blueberry eyes and Dried Cranberry mouths dancing in my head......

On a side note, Evie and Ethan's school is a peanut free school this year so I'm going to start naming the things that I use that are "Peanut and tree nut Free".

Nature's Own Whole Grain White Bread
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bento Lunch for Preschool #2

Evie told me she opened her lunch today and said, "Oh my god! My pizza has a cat face!" and that she "died because it was so cute". I knew making these lunches would be fun for her! My little drama queen.
We had homemade pizza for dinner last night so I just cut it into three tiny slices. I made the face using nori (seaweed) and an exacto knife. Not easy! I think it's time to invest in a hole puncher with a face design. Then cucumber slices and in the top of her Bento box I put a little salad with ranch dressing. She ate EVERYTHING!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bento Snack Idea- 2 year old class #4

This is a simple snack for Maddie. Meatballs, cherry tomatoes from the garden, cucumbers i cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter and cheddar cheese on top. I just like how how the cheese site perfectly on top. By the way, I believe this is going to be the last cucumber from our plant in the garden. The plant looks totally wiped out, all dried up and squishy at the same time. Ew. And blue onigiri balls. Yummers!

Bento Lunch for Preschool #1

Evie went to Preschool today! I admit I'm a little nervous because this is the first day she'll have school until 3pm! But at least she'll have fun....right?! I showed Evie her Bento lunch for today so she would be excited for lunch. Mini hot dog octopus and hot dog crab along with some hot dog medallions on a shell toothpick. I made her favorite, turkey sandwiches and broccolli with Ranch dressing to dip in. Also some salted sushi rice with paprika. I used a Hello Kitty stencil to make the face. Kawaii!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet Evie!

Evie is such a funny girl! She's really excited about going to the same school as Ethan (our ten year old) this year! I can't wait to make fun bento boxes for Evie because she will definitely be the child who appreciates them the most. She'll be five in November so she starts a full day of Pre-K. Sniffle. It's so strange when they start having a little life away from home....

Bento Snack Idea- 2 year old class #3

I feel like all of Maddie's snacks have been green and orange. Hmmm.......
Raw broccoli and Scrabble Cheez-its. They have letters on them! Educational and delicious! The little Joyful Rabbit box has Ranch Dressing in it. Only two more days until Maddie and Evie will both be going to school!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bento Snack Idea- 2 year old class #2

Today's snack was not very exciting but trying to get out the door this morning was VERY exciting...a little too exciting........

Goldfish, grapes, and a Hello Kitty marshmallow with chocolate inside!

Fantastic Bento Giveaway!

Just stumbled across this blog the other day and it's fabulous! She's also giving away a really cool set to help you get started making Bento lunches for back to school!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet Maddie!

Sweet Maddie Moo! She is our youngest child (look at that sweet face!) And this year she is starting 2 year-old class with Ms. MaryKay and Ms. Tonya. She only goes 3 times a week for a couple hours but it gets her away from the computer. Maddie is definitely in her terrible twos but turns three September 1. Who's hoping for a magical transformation?! Me!!! I really look forward to doing her little Bento snacks and seeing just what she'll eat! Out of our three kids she is the least picky when it comes to food. I love her!!

Bento Snack Idea- 2 year old class

Maddie started "school" yesterday!! And I've already gotten in trouble with her teacher (sorry Ms. MaryKay!!). First person to comment on this post and guess what I got in trouble for will win:

A mini- Bento box perfect for preschool lunches or snacks! make sure you leave your email address in your comment. Good luck!
By the way: the answer has to do with her snack.... ;)