Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bento Lunch for Preschool #3

Whoooo has a cute lunch? Evie does! Celery with cream cheese, and a jelly owl sandwich. Goldfish and a cute gummy I found on sale at WalMart. And of course, the ever present grapes. Oh yeah, I made the eyes and nose out of dried mango strips! I hadn't even considered the use of dried fruit but now I have visions of Dried Blueberry eyes and Dried Cranberry mouths dancing in my head......

On a side note, Evie and Ethan's school is a peanut free school this year so I'm going to start naming the things that I use that are "Peanut and tree nut Free".

Nature's Own Whole Grain White Bread
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish


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